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RMA’s specialist services will provide peace of mind for both your financial future
and your family, whether you are a businessowner or self-employed.

Young and healthy? Three reasons why Insurance is a good idea

Thinking about the unexpected isn’t always easy and – especially when you’re young, healthy and dependant-free – the ‘worst case scenario’ may not be on your radar yet. But there are plenty of reasons to consider Insurance at a young age. If you belong to the Millennial generation or know someone who does, this quick […]

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Five things to know about KiwiSaver

Keeping your KiwiSaver top-of-mind makes sense. If you’re familiar with the basics, but could do with expanding your KiwiSaver knowledge, read on for five (of the many) things to know… About your first-home deposit One of the advantages of KiwiSaver is that you can dip into your KiwiSaver funds to boost your first-home deposit, reducing […]

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RMA’s Promise to you

We place your needs first. We act with integrity, fairness and professionalism when dealing with you. We demonstrate competence, diligence and objectivity in our advice to you.