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RMA’s specialist services will provide peace of mind for both your financial future
and your family, whether you are a businessowner or self-employed.

Five things to know about KiwiSaver

Keeping your KiwiSaver top-of-mind makes sense. If you’re familiar with the basics, but could do with expanding your KiwiSaver knowledge, read on for five (of the many) things to know… About your first-home deposit One of the advantages of KiwiSaver is that you can dip into your KiwiSaver funds to boost your first-home deposit, reducing […]

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Five money lessons you can teach your kids, and maybe learn?

Who said financial skills are just for grown-ups? Teaching kids about money provides them with a toolbox that will be incredibly useful through life in making confident and informed decisions in the future. And its importance goes well beyond money itself. It can be the foundation upon which key skill sets are built, such as […]

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What’s your property really worth?

Anyone who is an expert on property will tell you that your house is really only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. But if you’re working out insurance or planning to sell your home, you might be looking for a more solid answer. If you want a heads up on what your property is […]

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RMA’s Promise to you

We place your needs first. We act with integrity, fairness and professionalism when dealing with you. We demonstrate competence, diligence and objectivity in our advice to you.