Paul & Lee Smith

We currently live on a lifestyle block with two homes, one for us and one for my mum. We also own a business, Home Sweet Home Property Management.

We have always arranged our own insurances, however living on a lifestyle block with different liabilities and now owning a business that required a whole other set of insurance, we felt that we needed a broker to bridge the gap and ensure that we had all our bases covered. With RMA, they were able to cover all my required insurances for the different areas of our life within the family run business so I get to deal with an expert in each insurance field without having to use brokers from different companies.

Online or direct is so impersonal and all the liability and responsibility falls on you to provide all the necessary information which can cause issues at claim time. I always did it direct as I thought it would always be cheaper but was very surprised that we were able to achieve better cover for less in cost of premiums which was great!

Dave was great and thorough through going through all our personal insurances such as life and mortgage protection. Luckily we haven’t needed to call on him for anything. We recently had a claim for a vehicle through Josh and he was great. He looked after the entire claim process for us and went into bat with the insurance company to ensure our payout was what it should be.

We would thoroughly recommend RMA to our friends and family.