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    Shaun Vining

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Risk Insurance Adviser

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How I fit in

Shaun is a versatile and dynamic  advisor, who loves tailoring advice to suit all the insurance needs of his clients. With two decades in the education system he has worked with and for families for all of his working career.

Now working as an advisor it’s no different, he is passionate about making sure that you are supported with your needs, so that you can rest easy knowing that you’ve received the right advice and follow on support.

My Philosophy.

Trust and character are important to me in all areas of my life. I love having a satisfied client with whom I’ve built a strong relationship with.


When Shaun isn’t talking, entertaining, singing or playing guitar he is having a coffee with his wonderful wife Melissa  and their 4 children, Sam, Azaria, Brielle and Ava.

A Disclosure statement is available on request and free of charge.