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    RMA Investment Solutions

Offering tailored investment solutions, fixed interest options, retirement planning, kiwisaver and regular savings

RMA offer tailored investment solutions to provide you with either regular or lump sum payments – whichever suits your lifestyle best. Whether you are a low risk investor interested in cash or fixed interest options, or a more aggressive investor looking at shares and managed options, RMA can design a portfolio to suit your specific needs and goals.

We can organise solutions involving:
Fixed Interest
Managed Funds
Specialty Funds
Passive Asset Class Investing
Precious Metals

Fixed interest options offer security and income through cash deposits and tradeable fixed interest securities such as bonds, capital notes and preference shares. If the options available seem a bit overwhelming, just contact Roger Adams at RMA for expert advice in language you understand.

The New Zealand Government superannuation payments will only provide you with a basic standard of living. After working for so many years, we believe that you deserve more than that. Retirement planning will offer you security and income for your retirement years. We can offer a tailored solution whether you are pre-retirement or already in retirement.

KiwiSaver is a voluntary, work-based savings option through which you can contribute 2, 4 or 8% of your gross salary and have those savings locked in for your retirement. Regular savings options will allow you to build a nest egg for later in life, on your own terms. RMA can provide all the information and advice you need to choose which is right for you.


RMA’s Promise to you

We place your needs first. We act with integrity, fairness and professionalism when dealing with you. We demonstrate competence, diligence and objectivity in our advice to you.